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restorative dentist in gwinnett

Smile Restoration

Are you facing the challenges of missing or broken down teeth? Embarrassed by your smile? We can help!

Research continues to prove the importance of having functional teeth and a healthy mouth to your overall health and well being. Dr. Israel and Team are committed to helping you keep your smile healthy and feeling great for a lifetime.

When natural teeth are damaged or lost due to trauma or disease, a number of options are available to rebuild your bite to proper function.

Your Restorative Dentist in Gwinnett

Following a thorough dental examination of your teeth, supportive bone and gum structures, Dr. Israel will consult with you to design a plan to achieve your goals and restore your oral health.

Options to rebuild teeth include:
Tooth-colored dental fillings, crowns, inlays, onlays and root canals. Depending on the amount of damage, Dr. Israel will recommend the most conservative approach that makes sense for you.

Replacement of vital missing teeth is important.

With the exception of third molars (wisdom teeth), every tooth has an important job to perform in speech, digestion and structural support. When permanent teeth are lost, other teeth will shift into the open space, resulting in additional problems from improper contact that can eventually lead to further tooth loss.

Services offered in our practice to replace missing teeth include:
Restoration of dental implants, dental bridges and partial and complete dentures.

We understand that sometimes dental problems can feel overwhelming.

We begin by first determining your needs and then working with you to arrive at the best solution. It is not uncommon to phase major dental treatment to fit within a patient's budget; we are knowledgeable about dental insurance and have helped many patients navigate dental challenges and transition into routine maintenance.

The first step to dental health is a consultation appointment with Dr. Israel.

Contact Us today and let us help you get your smile back!